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We distinguish ourselves as specialist in water management, NON-revenue water (NRW) & water loss management projects, advanced pressure management: Pressure management is a cost-effective way to prevent new leaks on existing, aging piping systems. Assessing the potential for pressure management strategy.
1) PRV Remote Control 2) Automatic PRV Pressure Optimization 3) Automatic Pump Pressure Optimization 4) Water Leak Detection & Repair.

Locating and repairing existing leaks is an essential function in the leakage management strategy, leakage prevention is perhaps the most critical component in sustaining a low leakage water distribution system.

We provide a complete monitoring and control systems for Sewage Treatment Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Water Transmission Systems. Pumping Stations. Lifting Stations. Wells & Networks, including status, monitoring and control for every section from the central control console.

Design, Engineering, Supplying, installation, and testing & Commissioning of: Complete Automation systems, PID controllers, Mimics and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), SCADA Systems, Central Control Room Decoration, Servers, Furniture, and equipment’s, Communication state-of-the-art Fiber optic systems Communication Systems, Vibration monitoring Systems, Leak detection and localization system including related optimization of pump operation, Cathodic protection monitoring Systems, PABX Telephone systems Instrumentation, Fire alarm systems, and firefighting control systems.

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